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LGSF profile houses ® ProfStalDom
Exterior wall
For high-rise multi-apartment houses. Design developed by ProfStalDom in cooperation with KNAUF.
Construction of kindergartens using LGSF
Real facilities - kindergartens constructed using LGSF technology
Part 2: Practical aspects of steel building construction
Part 2: Practical aspects of steel building construction
This article describes the practice of LGSF building construction in detail.
Part 1: Steel building construction
Part 1: Steel building construction
Owners of construction companies are guided by different criteria, but they all have something in common, i.e. time and choice of construction materials that will somehow affect the project completion.
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LGSF profile in Moscow

LGSF frame houses in Moscow: Reliable and affordable construction

Light gauge steel framings are considered to be the most practical and cost-effective material for erection of commercial and residential buildings. The rate of LGSF high-rise building construction is amazing - individual buildings and large residential complexes are erected on steel frames within a few weeks!

Steel galvanized profiles are characterized by high strength and durability, and they will have a very long useful life under all operating conditions. LGSF construction is quite universal - such a frame can be used to erect buildings of almost any shape.

High-technology LGSF production: Building reliability guarantee

All steel elements are manufactured on automated CNC machines. The production program is provided with accurate data to be observed in manufacturing of the products with pinpoint precision.

Modern technologies allow completely excluding the possibility of errors, and this means that all construction project parts are ideally suited to each other. LGSF frames can be made to order, and you will not have to worry about the construction results in this case, since all structural units will be carefully verified.

LGSF construction: Advanced convenience in every part

Custom-tailored LGSF packages are ready for use, thus considerably facilitating the building erection process. This means that the project can be successfully implemented with a minimum of time and effort from the construction crew. The construction costs are significantly reduced, and LGSF profile houses are in no way inferior to the standard options, including brick, concrete, wooden, and block houses, in terms of strength, reliability and durability, but are much more cost-effective.

LGSF frame houses are characterized by a light weight, but they are capable of withstanding a considerable weight, pressure and extreme loads, they are environmentally safe and non-combustible. The erection process is carried out without any preparation, only suitable elements are used, therefore there is no waste and construction debris left after construction of the building using LGSF technology is completed. Every profile has all necessary grooves for subsequent installation of sheathing sheets.


Projects based on LGSF technology

LGSF multi-apartment house in Yoshkar OlaLGSF frame houses in Moscow
Residential building, BolokhovoLGSF house in Bolokhovo
LGSF profiles at Tatneft Arena ParkingLGSF profiles at Tatneft Arena Parking
Building enclosures in LondonLGSF in London
Hotel construction, SorochanyRapidly-erected LGSF in Sorochany (hotel)
"Parfyumernaya derevnya" in Mega Belaya Dacha Shopping CenterLGSF at Mega Shopping Center (Moscow)
LGSF building atticLGSF building attic
Residential buidling, LemovzhaLGSF building construction in Lemovzha