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The relatively new technology of rapidly-erected buildings based on application of light thin-walled structures was developed several decades and is becoming more popular at the moment. This is due to a number of advantages of this technology:

  • Buildings are designed and erected within the shortest period of time;
  • Low material and erection costs, application of low-cost foundations, reduced labor costs and possibility of doing without any lifting machinery contribute to the low construction cost;
  • Thanks to high reliability and strength, the structure can be used in seismically dangerous areas;
  • High heat-saving performance extends the boundaries of technology applications, including regions of the Far North;
  • Due to its versatility, the technology can be used to design buildings of any complexity.

The financial crisis in Russia gave impetus to development of construction using LGSF technology. Higher demand for frame construction served as the basis for expanding plant premises, increasing capacities and manufacturing products in the right quantities. LGSF frame construction is applicable in various construction sectors, including residential, industrial and administrative buildings.

Construction of residential houses and summercottages

Construction of administrative and commercialbuildings

Construction of social buildings

Construction of attics using LGSF technology