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Technology description

Frame technology in low-rise building construction

PROFSTALDOM structural system is based on a load-bearing frame with roll-formed profiles contributing to high rigidity.

There are several types of profiles:

  1. C-shaped profile
  2. Z-shaped profile
  3. U-shaped profile
  4. 100, 150, 200, 250 mm high
  5. Cold roll forming
  6. Galvanized coating

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As for the load-bearing frame consumption for light gauge steel framings (LGSF), its average value will be equal to twenty-five kilograms per square meter for a one-storey building and thirty-five kilograms per square meter for a two-storey building.

The steel building frame consists of horizontal beams and vertical studs. All profiles should be joined together with self-tapping screws. Their consumption will be about seventy pieces per square meter.

PROFSTALDOM makes it possible to perform element-by-element erection of a building.

After the frame is erected, workers proceed to the walls. The building enclosure wall is a kind of sandwich or a pie. There is mineral wool inside this pie, and outside it is covered with diffusion and vapor barrier films. If foam concrete is used for permanent formwork, then magnesium-fiber board, Green Board or OSB-3 wood-board material should be used.

Exterior wall facing is carried out according to the ventilated facade principle. The heat exchange resistance will be about 3.5-5.0 m2C/W with a wall thickness of 15-200 millimeters. These parameters fully correspond to all technical standards. This structure of the wall makes it possible to use a variety of facing materials, such as siding, stone, cement, brick or wood.

Interior wall facing is usually performed with magnesium-oxide boards, gypsum-fiber sheets or gypsum-board sheets.

The main advantage of PROFSTALDOM is an ideal accuracy of dimensions and geometry during the execution of roofing work. Therefore, frame assembly for the roof is carried out within record-breaking time.

Moreover, there are other advantages:

    1. High quality. All frame elements are manufactured at the plant, where high quality control of all products is conducted.
    2. Rapid erection regardless of season. So, for example, a crew consisting of three or four specialists is able to assemble a house frame (an area of two hundred and fifty square meters) within two or three weeks. It is also important to mention that construction and operation of structures is characterized by absence of shrinkage.
    3. Light structures. Light weight of structures makes it possible to save on the delivery of material to the construction site. Besides, a lighter platform allows the consumer to significantly save on the foundation.
    4. Low price. The metal frame is much cheaper than wood or brick. Therefore, it will be much cheaper to build a house. The metal frame also allows saving on labor costs, as it can be erected by a crew of three or four people.
    5. There is no sick building syndrome provided that the building has been constructed and designed correctly. This syndrome is usually associated with high humidity and improperly executed ventilation system.
    6. Low operation costs. The building constructed with the use of light steel structures has a stable size and is perfectly protected against biological and thermal effects. Such buildings are distinguished by their durability and energy efficiency. If there is a need for major repairs, the costs are significantly lower than those related to major repairs of other buildings.
    7. These buildings are also distinguished by unique fire resistance properties. Non-combustible materials are used for construction, so ignition from the building roof is impossible, and the metal structure rafter system helps to avoid collapse of the roof in case of a small fire area.

      The cost of PROFSTALDOM building set depends on a small number of factors, so our managers will help you to calculate the final cost.

      The rapid construction system seems to be very promising today. It is distinguished by the minimum construction period, easy erection, low cost, and compliance with high standards of living.

      PROFSTALDOM is used by private individuals, developers of cottage settlements, and government organizations providing residents with housing (Ministry of Emergency Situations, social service providers and army).

      Light weight, rapid erection and cost effectiveness make it possible to use PROFSTALDOM in government programs for providing people with comfortable and affordable housing, moving residents from dangerous buildings, providing young families with housing, and providing people with housing in case of natural disasters (flood, earthquake, trouble spots).

      Our company has the following advantages in the market:

      1. We offer low and competitive prices for all materials comprising PROFSTALDOM set
      2. PROFSTALDOM set is supplied within record-breaking time and in accordance with project documentation
      3. You can choose the best option from ready-made projects of different buildings
      4. We can design a building according to your own individual plan
      5. We render technical advisory services to all customers
      6. Our company provides technology teaching services
      7. Our company performs supervised erection