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History of technology development

The constant growth of human needs resulted in the search for new ways of development in the field of construction and industry. Despite the fact that wood is a renewable natural resource, it often takes a decade or even more to restore it. Therefore, people tried to find new construction technologies that would meet modern requirements, including cost effectiveness, functionality, light weight and rapid erection. Finally, in the forties of the last century, the Canadians tested construction of houses using frame technology. Expensive wood was replaced with steel profiles, which contributed to development of housing construction for the middle-class population. However, this innovation could not find its followers until the American aircraft engineers calculated a light aluminum frame for the aircraft. This became a starting point for LGSF application in private and industrial construction.

Thanks to computer programs and roll forming mills, today it is possible to make calculations and reproduce construction materials with maximum accuracy. Almost thirty years of application of light steel thin-walled structures proved it to be a technology of choice. The advantages of frame construction using LGSF technology have been highly appreciated in all developed countries of America, Europe and Asia.

Use of LGSF technologies in Russia

LGSF technology is being successfully used in the Russian construction market. This technology allows constructing a multi-apartment house within the shortest period of time, with transportation and erection costs being significantly reduced. The price is also decreased due to the use of a shallow monolithic or strip foundation. Its application is economically feasible and possible due to a light weight of the structure. The total weight of a square meter of the finished building constructed using LGSF technology averages 200 kg.

Advantages of LGSF construction technology:

  • Insignificant weight of construction materials reduces delivery, unloading and erection costs.
  • All erection work is carried out manually without any lifting equipment, which is an additional advantage in cluttered urban environments.
  • 3 or 4 erectors are required to perform the work.
  • Completely prepared steel profiles are assembled according to the principle of toy construction sets.
Only a drill driver and self-tapping screws are required to perform the work.

LGSF technology application

Rapidly-erected universal structures are widely used for construction of low-rise residential buildings, warehouse and logistics complexes, hotels, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens. The low cost of LGSF technology makes it possible to use it in government programs for construction of affordable housing for young families, servicemen, and public sector workers, as well as in programs for moving people from shabby houses to modern apartments.

Применение технологии ЛСТК

LGSF technology plays a fundamental role in reconstruction of old buildings and expansion of residential areas in the secondary housing stock due to construction of attic rooms. The technology of light steel thin-walled structures makes it possible to redevelop roof rooms into housing stock without increasing a load on intermediate floors and strengthening a building foundation.