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Materials used in LGSF technology

LGSF technology (light gauge steel framing) is a new concept of modern construction based on a strong load-bearing frame, effective sound and heat insulation, various materials of exterior and interior sheathing, and moisture-protective components. LGSF technology makes it possible to erect three-storey multi-apartment houses and commercial buildings, as well as to reconstruct them within the shortest period of time and with minimum economic investment.

Technology of steel profile production

Modern manufacturers recommend using light gauge steel framing to ensure that an addition to a multi-apartment house or a public building does not involve significant financial and energy demands.  

Light gauge steel framings are produced on high-tech modern equipment through cold roll forming of galvanized steel strips to a certain profile. Fully automated process ensures maximum dimensional compliance when cutting grooves for thermal profiles and punching communication holes in stud profiles.

Insulants for walls of LGSF buildings

LGSF technology ensures reconstruction and construction of energy-efficient houses, as it assumes the use of the following insulants:

  • Basalt (rock) wool: This material is characterized by high environmental, fire-resistant and heat-insulating performance. Basalt fiber is made on the basis of basalt and limestone and is distinguished by high resistance to the effects of organic substances;
  • Cellulose wool: This material is characterized by high heat-insulating and environmental performance. The insulant is made on the basis of newsprint paper and non-volatile fire retardants. Cellulose wool is applied by spraying to save time and ensure high quality of the material;
  • Polystyrene foam concrete: Composition of the composite material provides excellent sound and heat insulation, fire stability and resistance to external influences. Foam concrete is particularly popular in such projects as rapidly-erected cottages, additions, heat insulation of facades and others.

Exterior sheathing of LGSF buildings

One of the main advantages of LGSF technologies consists in the possibility of using different types of exterior sheathing. The most popular materials include:

  • Knauf Aquapanel cement boards;
  • Gypsum board; 
  • Gypsum-fiber sheet;
  • Oriented strand board;
  • Asbestos-cement sheets;
  • Magnesium-oxide sheet;
  • Cement-bonded particle board;
  • Plywood.

    Each material has its own advantages, with the conditions for their operation being limited directly by technological properties.

    Foundation for LGSF buildings

    LGSF social housing construction is considered to be the most profitable solution, which is mainly due to the lack of need for a complex deep foundation and possibility of constructing buildings on unstable grounds. Light gauge steel framings are characterized by a light weight which allows performing erection of buildings and houses on the basis of such types of foundations as:

    • Strip foundation is characterized by increased strength and durability, and is capable of withstanding heavy weight loads;
    • Shallow foundation;
    • Slab foundation is capable of perfectly withstanding many alternate loads resulting from uneven ground movements;
    • Screw piles make it possible to erect solid buildings on non-uniform ground;
    • Bored piles are characterized by silent installation and capability of withstanding heavy weight loads, thus making it possible to construct energy-efficient houses up to 250 meters high.