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About company

ProfStalProkat LLC is a manufacturing and trading company, and the largest producer and supplier of metal products. Plant capacities of the company allow producing and selling tons of corrugated sheets, corrugated decks, LGSF, reinforcing profiles, and metal enclosures every year.

Corrugated sheets manufactured by ProfStalProkat enjoy strong demand in Tula, Moscow and Moscow Region. The products of our enterprise have been used at many construction sites in Moscow, Moscow Region, Tula, Ryazan, Kaluga, Lipetsk, Orel and many other cities of the Central Federal Region. Despite extremely high competition in this sphere, construction materials manufactured by ProfStalProkat remain in demand due to their versatility and optimal price/quality ratio.

Production capacities of the company:

  • Rolling lines for production of corrugated sheets, corrugated decks, reinforcing profiles for PVC window systems, LGSF (light gauge steel framing), Klever-W enclosures;
  • Metal slitting;
  • Metal shearing;
  • Sheet bender for production of finishing accessories for roofs and buildings.

All manufactured products comply with Russian quality standards and have been certified by the State Committee for Construction, Architectural and Housing Policy of the Russian Federation.

Company services:

  • Rolled stock slitting and shearing to strips and sheets;
  • Designing of rapidly-erected buildings;
  • Supervised erection of metal structures;
  • Erection of fences;
  • On-site delivery.

7 reasons why you should contact ProfStalProkat:

  • Product quality - finished batches undergo all necessary checks, receive quality certificates, and are manufactured in accordance with GOST and TU standards.
  • Price - ordering construction materials directly from the manufacturer helps to save as much money as possible. Regular customers enjoy favorable terms of purchase and possibility of credit payments.
  • High level of service - attentive approach to each client, full order support (from advisory services and calculations to delivery of goods and turnkey erection).
  • Broad assortment - wide range of metal products, possibility of choosing products with the required size, thickness, shape, color and type of protective coating.
  • Direct contracts for delivery of raw materials for production.
  • Established process of preparing batches and sending them to Moscow and regions.
  • Designing and erection of LGSF and corrugated sheet buildings.