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LGSF administrative and commercial buildings

Successful business development requires an expansion of shopping and office areas, sports complexes, hotels, holiday houses, cafes, restaurants, snack bars, public garages, petrol stations and other facilities. All these buildings should meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent heat, noise and vibration insulation;
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations;
  • Highly aesthetic appearance fitting harmoniously into the architectural ensemble;
  • Large areas with the possibility of overlapping wide spans.

    Construction of administrative and commercial buildings using LGSF technology

    With advances in LGSF technology, it has become possible to construct rapidly-erected low-cost buildings, taking into account all needs of the developer. Modern investors prefer frame construction to convenient brick or aerated concrete buildings. It is also advantageous that our buildings have a guaranteed useful life of more than 50 years with minimum maintenance costs.