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LGSF residential buildings

ProfStalDom develops projects and manufactures metal frame elements for one-storey and high-rise residential buildings. Thanks to a wide range of technological possibilities, we offer both typical projects and made-to-order houses, taking into account all desires of our customers. Our turnkey projects are always implemented within the shortest period of time. Our erectors work in all weather and seasons so that you can meet the beginning of summer in a new country house!

Construction of LGSF residential buildings

Application of the technology of light gauge steel framings in construction of low-rise multi-apartment houses enjoys well-deserved popularity. The designers of our company take into account climatic characteristics of different regions of Russia:

  • For the regions of the Far North, the project is designed with regard to increase in the heat resistance of buildings;
  • For regions with high humidity, thickness of the galvanized layer reaches its maximum values.

Cottages, country and summer houses of any complexity can be constructed with minimum investment. Thanks to their low cost, multi-apartment frame houses are now available to the middle-income population, young families, and public sector workers.